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Escape From The Death Castle-DARKZER0

DARKZER0 – Escape from the death castle – You don’t know why you are locked in this castle, but you know you should escape here. Game Overview   You don’t know why […] 2020-01-18

A Long Way Down

A Long Way Down – A deck-building roguelite RPG set in a dark and tormented world. Assemble your party and use your cards to survive, fight and build your way through a […] 2020-01-18

Rising Lords

Rising Lords is a medieval turn-based strategy game with card and board game elements. Send your serfs to fight and die in your name… or let them prosper, and use them to […] 2020-01-18


Defendion is a unique board tower defense game in VR where the table in front of you is your battlefield, where enemies will damage and destroy your structures and you can change… […] 2020-01-18


DARKSiDERS – UIFO DEFENSE HD – UIFO Defense has a special gameplay of tower defense. Utilize the terrain and different turrets to eliminate alien invaders and protect the crystal cores which… Game […] 2020-01-18

China Maos Legacy v1 3 1-SiMPLEX

SiMPLEX – China: Mao’s legacy – Year 1976, the stormy Cultural revolution has died down, hard times of hongweibing and public critics are coming to an end. Old and sick Mao Zedong […] 2020-01-18


ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS XIV – Triumph over the land, take charge of the fate of China! Conquer territories and fly your colors! Game Overview   In-game text fully localized in […] 2020-01-17

Time Warpers-PLAZA

PLAZA – Time Warpers is the evolution of the popular incremental game Time Clickers. With features like gun customization, optional permadeath & per run loot, it combines a first… Game Overview   […] 2020-01-16

Weedcraft Inc Update v1 3 2-CODEX

CODEX – Weedcraft Inc explores the business of producing, breeding and selling weed in America, delving deep into the financial, political and cultural aspects of the country’s complex… Game Overview   Weedcraft […] 2020-01-16

Erannorth Reborn Blood Coven Rise Update v1 043-PLAZA

PLAZA – Erannorth Reborn – Blood Coven Rise – Bring in your best Deck and overcome over 115 new Enemies, including 32 new Bosses. Fight in over 30 deadly Adventure challenges and […] 2020-01-16
Tên Game Hình Ảnh Mô Tả Ngày Thao Tác