Tên Game Hình Ảnh Mô Tả Ngày Thao Tác

Moo Moo Move-TiNYiSO

TiNYiSO – Moo Moo Move – Enter an adorable world where you and your chubby steed are tasked with herding cows to safety. Gallop through beautifully hand crafted environments and a host […] 2019-10-18 3 3 – Defend, Attack, Survive! Build up your base and defeat the zombies with this unique combination of tower defense, base building and supply chain management. Now with… Game Overview   […] 2019-10-18

Stars in Shadow Legacies Update v38568-CODEX

CODEX – Stars in Shadow: Legacies – It’s been three thousand years after the Great War and the collapse of the hyperspace lanes. The galaxy is reawakening, thanks to an unknown influence… […] 2019-10-17

The Wild Eight Update V1 0 12-CODEX

CODEX – The Wild Eight is an intense survival action-adventure set in frozen wilderness of Alaska. Team up with friends in online co-op or go solo, explore the mysterious land, craft… Game […] 2019-10-17

Erannorth Reborn-PLAZA

PLAZA – Erannorth Reborn is a hardcore sandbox Card Game with heavy emphasis on Deck-Building, Character Customization and Moddability. Create unique characters with distinctive… Game Overview   Erannorth Reborn is a hardcore […] 2019-10-17

1812 Napoleon Wars-DARKZER0

DARKZER0 – 1812: Napoleon Wars – A strategic game about the war of Napoleon and the Russian Empire. Game Overview   In this game you have to war against the Napoleonic troops. […] 2019-10-17

Little Big Workshop-DARKZER0

DARKZER0 – Little Big Workshop – Manage your workers, stations, machines and create awesome stuff as your little big workshop grows into your dream factory! Game Overview   Imagine a magical factory, […] 2019-10-17

Edge of Reality Great Deeds-RAZOR

RAZOR – Edge of Reality: Great Deeds Collector’s Edition – Can you stop an ancient legend from coming to life?! Game Overview   Big Fish Editor’s Choice! This title was selected for […] 2019-10-17


SiMPLEX – Kine – A challenging 3D puzzle game about music, machines, and dreams. Game Overview   Kine is a 3D puzzle game about three whimsical machines that aspire to be musicians. […] 2019-10-17


DARKZER0 – Autonauts – You are responsible for colonising uninhabited planets. Start from nothing and harness natural resources to build a robot empire that can be taught anything…. Game Overview   “Playful, […] 2019-10-17
Tên Game Hình Ảnh Mô Tả Ngày Thao Tác