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Miss Neko

Miss Neko – Together the full picture of all the lovely beast ladies with your own hands, play Yakyuken with them, collect their portraits. Game Overview   Together the full picture of […] 2019-08-17


HOODLUM – DARQ tells the story of Lloyd, a boy who becomes aware of the fact that he is dreaming. The dream quickly turns into a nightmare and all attempts to wake […] 2019-08-15

The Great Perhaps-CODEX

CODEX – The Great Perhaps is a time travel puzzle game about an astronaut returning to Earth destroyed by natural cataclysms. There, among the ruins he finds an unusual artifact — an […] 2019-08-14

Siluman Fantasy – First Half –

Siluman Fantasy – First Half – – "Minoru" is a NEET, wasted away until a package arrived. Inside is an item and message from his grandfather. After playing it he… Game Overview […] 2019-08-14

Light Borrower

Light Borrower – Join Rachel as she faces the Cleansing, a coming-of-age ritual that will determine whether she joins the last survivors of the end of the world or is banished… Game […] 2019-08-14

Mediterranean Journey-RAZOR

RAZOR – Mediterranean Journey – Explore the Mediterranean region! Discover its culture and visit Mediterranean cities and islands. Game Overview   Explore the Mediterranean region! While having a great time visiting different […] 2019-08-13


BonVoyage! is a drag tile puzzle game. Help stranded knights navigate floating islands by reconstructing path in challenging levels. Game Overview   BonVoyage! is a drag tile puzzle game variation where you […] 2019-08-11

Barney’s Dream Cruise – A Retro Pixel Art Point and Click Adventure

Barney’s Dream Cruise – A Retro Pixel Art Point and Click Adventure – Barney is down on his luck. He has lost his job and now it looks like he might lose […] 2019-08-11


Vectronom – A hypnotic puzzle game about music, geometry and flow. Game Overview   Feel like solving three-dimensional riddles to a frenetic electronic soundtrack? Let Vectronom inject its colorful madness into your […] 2019-08-11

The Antidote

The Antidote is a classic point-and-click adventure. What was supposed to be the end of a normal week at the office, turned out to be the beginning of a strange adventure. As… […] 2019-08-11
Tên Game Hình Ảnh Mô Tả Ngày Thao Tác